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Fan Convector Range

series 600Series 600 - Cassette Fan Convector

The Series 600 fan convector heater by Dunham-Bush is the ideal heating solution where wall space is not available and surface mounted ceiling units cannot be used.

The unit is specifically designed for ntegration with ceiling grid applications such as in schools, colleges, offices, libraries and commercial properties.

They are elegant in design but built to the same robust quality that is typical of all Dunham-Bush products.

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series amSeries AM - Cassette Fan Convector

Each Series AM Comfort fan convector comprises a sheet metal casing with lockable access panel, synchronous AC or energy efficient EC fan motor, air filter and hot water heating coil

A single phase electric heater coil can be supplied instead of the hot water coil on heaters with an output up to 6kW.

Depending upon the model selected, grilles are either fitted to the casing or can be supplied loose as an accessory, for internal use.

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series bmSeries BM

Series BM fan convector heaters are a extensive range of concealed warm air heaters, with a broad range of sizes, options and accessories to suit any project. They provide warm air heating when connected to a low or medium temperature hot water system and a single phase electrical supply.

Each Series BM fan convector comprises a galvanised sheet steel casing with access panel, fan and motor platform, air filter, hot water heating coil and electrical connections box.

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series cmSeries CM

Series CM fan convectors by Dunham-Bush are the ideal heating solution for general applications such as schools, colleges, offices and libraries.

They are simple in design but are built to the same robust quality that is typical of all Dunham-Bush products. They are floor mounted low-level heaters, designed to provide warm-air heating when used with low temperature hot water, with an overall height of 600mm, Series CM is well suited to under-sill or under-worktop applications.

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