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With an ordinary radiator heating system, heating a room can require long, pre-heat periods and can also be difficult to control. Also, when cold air enters an area, the heating system uses energy inefficiently, re-heating the area back to its required temperature. Dunham-Bush 'Comfort' Fan Convectors enable your heating system to act fast. By circulating warm air throughout a room, it heats only the areas where the temperature has dropped - automatically and quickly.

Each unit can have its own thermostat which allow you to set the temperature you want in each area. Clean, warm air is gently circulated into the room where it's needed by each heaters super-quiet fan. If cold air enters a room, the unit automatically switches on, to raise the temperature back to your pre-set comfort level. Dunham-Bush 'Comfort' Fan Convectors also ensure that there are no 'drying' effects of the air in a room. They also eliminate chilly corners and draughts by circulating the air thoroughly - and they are also extremely economical to use. Individual units can be set to a temperature and switched to boost fan speed automatically or manually when necessary for a rapid rise in temperature. Unlike radiators, they are also burn-resistant to even sensitive skin (their design ensures that the casings do not get too hot), it softly circulates warm air throughout the room.

Most Dunham-Bush 'Comfort' fan convectors are designed to be connected to a pumped hot water system. However, coils suitable for steam are available and also black heat electric coils. Safety Extra attention has been paid to the safety features of our units, ensuring that they are particularly suitable for use in crowded rooms, areas that get a lot of use and also areas where children may be present. We offer extra features as options, to enable you to reach the correct safety level for your design, such as rounded corners, extra temperature control and tamperproof access to controls and electrics. Dunham-Bush Limited is a registered Firm of Assessed Capability, BS5750 Part 1 and ISO 9001-1987/EN 29001. These high standards of manufacturing effect the excellent quality of all our equipment.


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